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Nokia Firmware Suite - A New Navifirm-like Software to download Nokia Stock Firmware Files

Nokia Firmware Suite (NFS) - A new software to download Nokia Firmwares As Microsoft has deleted most of the old Nokia firmware repository and changed existing firmware URLs, all firmware download tools like Navifirm, Phoenix, NSRT, NCS, NDPM, Nokia (Ovi) Suite etc have stopped working. I have described a method to download firmwares using Cellomania website in a previous article – however it is a little tricky and lengthy process. Recently I came across a new software called Nokia Firmware Suite (NFS) which allows you to easily download (still available) Nokia firmware files directly from Microsoft servers. Surprisingly Nokia Firmware Suite still has full access to Nokia firmware repository in comparison to official softwares like NSRT (Nokia Software Recovery Tool) and Nokia Care Suite which are not working now. About Nokia Firmware Suite (NFS) NFS is a small, standalone software (no installation required) – just open the application (double click the executable) and start using it.

Nokia Software Recovery Tool (NSRT) v8.2.37 and other versions download

What is NSRT?   Nokia Software Recovery Tool (NSRT) is an official Nokia phone service software. It is used to fix phone OS (Operating System) software related issues by flashing (re-installing) the phone with official stock firmware. This way it can easily reset or revive a dead/bricked Nokia phone. Note that Microsoft has removed the old Nokia firmware repository from its servers (in early 2021) so NSRT is not working in online mode now. Because it can’t access firmware files anymore. However you can still use NSRT to flash supported Nokia phones if you already have firmware files. Also note that not all Nokia mobiles are supported by NSRT. NSRT Download NSRT